Yumi Lash Lifting Vancouver

Yumi Lash Lifting Vancouver is a beauty technique provided by Mira’s eyelashes that shapes your eyelashes. Mira’s Eyelashes curl your eyelashes upwards to give a realistic and beautiful natural look.

Is preparation necessary before Yumi lash lifting?

A significant benefit of Yumi Lash lifting is it does not require any preparation before the procedure. However, we usually advise our clients to go for a lash serum to extend their lashes as long as possible before the procedure. However, Mira's Eyelashes can work with any lash.

Another advantage of Yumi lash lifting Vancouver is it allows you to customize your look. For the best results, consult one of our lash artists to determine your goals and style. Our lash artist will ask you a few questions to determine your style, including if you wear mascara every day or just on special occasions or if you want your lashes to be set upwards or fanned out. 

Our lash artists are knowledgeable and experienced. Therefore, they will choose the right curl size for you depending on your eye shape and the lash style you want. The entire lash lifting process should not last more than an hour from start to finish.

Lift Lashes are Long Lasting

Yumi lash lifts can last between six to eight weeks. You can go for a redo after eight weeks. Lash lifting works by shaping the lashes to be lifted. Therefore, new, straight lashes will grow as the old lashes shed naturally. Some people may require a redo sooner than others, depending on their lash cycles.

Typically, lash lifts are more affordable than extensions, which explain their growing popularity. In addition, you can wear makeup, including mascara on your lash lifts. Lash lifts are natural lashes curled upwards. However, you may have to wait for 24 hours before applying makeup on your lash lifts.

Can I add a tint to my lash lifts?

It is possible to add a tint to your lash lifts. However, that may not be necessary, especially if you put mascara on your lashes every day. A tint is ideal for people who are on holiday or do not wear mascara daily.

The tint helps to add elements of depth and darkness to your lash lifts. Nevertheless, it is essential to know that lash tints can last for up to three weeks. Lash lifts require lots of care and attention during the first 24 hours after application. It is essential to avoid wearing mascara, wetting the lash lifts, or steaming your lash lifts.

Low Maintenance

A distinct advantage of our lash lifts is they are extremely low maintenance. Unlike lash extensions that need you to be extra careful when washing your face or applying makeup, lash lifts do not require lots of maintenance and care.

With lash lifts, you can still wear your makeup and wash your face without worrying about damaging them. You can even use facial or coconut oil on your lash lifts.

Mira’s eyelashes can process your eyelashes to keep them looking natural and beautiful. Our lash lifts do not require lots of maintenance. Stop by our salon today for your lash lifts.


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