Mira’s Eyelashes now offers YUMI™ Keratin Lash Lift services with YUMI™ Lashes technology, created by a Swiss company.

YUMI™ Lash Lift enhancement is a genuine REVOLUTION in the beauty world. YUMI™ Lash Lift is a European brand using an advanced technique to enhance and lift natural eyelashes without the use of lash extensions, growth serum, false eyelashes or the traditional eyelash curler.

Clients who have experienced the YUMI™ treatments are delighted, and beauty professionals who have applied the product are always satisfied with the result.

Traditional eyelash perms simply curve the lashes while YUMI™ lifts each individual lash upwards, intensifying the appearance for longer, fuller lashes.

YUMI™ Lashes Technology

Mira’s Eyelashes is please to offer the revolutionary YUMI Lashes technology, created by a Swiss company. YUMI™ Lashes technology offers the length and curl that you want without a lash perm. Unlike a perm that can cause a number of issues, this technology does not negatively impact your lashes but recovers lash structure, thanks to the ingredients in the YUMI™ Lashes product. The result is that your upper eyelids will look visually uplifted, endowing you with the effect of “open eyes”. YUMI™ Lashes technology does not require lash correction or supplementary care. You will not feel any discomfort and can use mascara or go without. Your lashes will be long, thick, and natural!

The YUMI™ Lash Lift effect lasts for 6 – 12 weeks.

How much Yumi lashes cost? Check here.

New generation of the KERATIN TREATMENT LASH LIFT!

YUMI Lash Lift Procedure


  • The new optimized formula contains aloe Vera and protects the eyelashes during the entire Yumi Lashes 2.0 procedure.
  • Our products DO NOT contain AMMONIA.
  • High product quality and new improved formula provide outstanding results!
  • The new formula contains; Glycerin, Vitamin E, natural antiseptics and antioxidants, it also has a new citrus scent.


  • Safely creates the desired shape of the eyelashes, making their surface smooth and allowing the penetration of natural moisture and oxygen. It protects and moisturizes the eyelashes due to the unique composition with the active action of glycerin. Retains the natural moisture.
  • Contains Vitamin E, and natural antiseptics and antioxidants.


  • The new serum has a powerful revitalizing properties and strengthens eyelashes
  • Panthenol stimulates the recovery and soothes skin
  • Keratin strengthens the surface of eyelashes and makes them smooth.
  • Glycerin maintains the moisture balance.
  • Clover extract carries the necessary vitamin complex A, C, B, K, and E.
  • Castor oil protects the most delicate areas of skin around the eyes, is a powerful conductor of serum components in the structure of eyelashes.
  • A complex of amino acids provides directional action and stimulates eyelash growth.


  • Eyes appear youthful and bright
  • Lasts 6-12 weeks
  • Lifts and curves lashes up
  • Results look and feel natural
  • No lash growth serum required
  • No lash perm
  • No mascara required
  • No traditional eyelash curler needed

Why Choose YUMI™ Lash Lift?

  • Lash lift, anti-aging treatment, and lash tint
  • Formaldahyde free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • No harsh chemicals
  • No maintenance
  • No monthly fills
  • No removal
  • Paraben free
  • Sport and activity proof

What to expect

Designed to boost your natural eyelashes, YUMI™ Lashes can be performed only by a certified professional like those at Mira’s Eyelashes.

While it’s perfectly safe, we don’t recommend booking a lash lift during that time of the month as it can diminish the curling effect of the treatment.

As with any service at our studio, your first appointment will start with a brief consultation where we’ll discuss the effect you’re looking for. We’ll talk a little bit about how much lift and curl you’re hoping to achieve, so we can select the right bump to achieve your desired effect.

Once we’ve determined what your dream lashes look like, we’ll start your lash lift by cleansing your lashes. To ensure this process is smooth and efficient, we ask that you come to your appointment without any makeup or other products on or around your eyes. Next, we’ll apply special silicone pads on your eyelids. This pad will help holding your lashes in place while we work on them. Then we’ll apply the Yumi products that will lift your lashes. Finally, we’ll fill your lashes with keratin.


Your YUMI™ Lash Lift can withstand normal daily activities, even those such as swimming and bathing. They will continue to look great for 2-3 months, depending on the strength of and texture of your natural lashes. As your natural lashes shed, new lashes will come in with your natural curl and texture. This natural shedding means that you’ll need to come in for a new YUMI™ Lash Lift every 2-3 months.

Caring for your YUMI™ Lash Lift is easy! Simply follow these basic rules to keep your lashes looking great:

  • Do not get your lashes wet for 48 hours
  • Do not wet or rub your eyelashes for 48 hours
  • Do not apply makeup or cream around eyes for 48 hours
  • Do not use a sauna or have a facial for 48 hours
  • Do not swim for 48 hours
  • Do not apply waterproof mascara
  • Use YUMI™ LASHES Nourishing Mascara every day
  • Comb your eyelashes upwards every day for the best results

Yumi Lashes FAQs

Attention: While it’s perfectly safe, we don’t recommend booking a lash lift during that time of the month as it can diminish the curling effect of the treatment.

YUMI™ Lash Lift vs. Regular Lash Lift

Worldwide leading brand, encourages growth of thicker healthier Lashes, more nourishing and less drying than standard lifts, and exclusive brand that can only be used by certified technicians, gentler formula.
✨Does Not Harm Lashes
✨Cruelty Free
✨Paraben Free
✨Ammonia Free
✨Formaldehyde Free
✨Requires Hands-On Training and Certification
✨Regulated Procedure & Pricing
✨The Original YUMI™ Lash Lift Products Cost 10x more

What is a YUMI™ Lash Lift?

A YUMI™ Lash Lift enhances your natural lashes without the use of artificial or mechanical aids to create the illusion of longer, more voluminous lashes. Certified YUMI™ Lash Lift technicians have the ability to target the natural keratin within the eyelash hair, guiding and sculpting each lash with the help of a specially designed silicone lifting pad. Each treatment is specifically designed for your individual eye shape and eyelash length. Imagine not having to apply mascara or fuss with a curler everyday…YUMI™ Lash Lift is exceptional!

Does the YUMI™ Lash Lift procedure hurt?

No, the entire procedure is perfectly designed to create a relaxing experience. The YUMI™ technician will be with you during the entire procedure.

Is the YUMI™Lash Lift procedure and product safe?

Yes. All our YUMI™ technicians have been trained and certified by Master YUMI™ trainer to ensure your safety and comfort. Our technicians are in the room with you during the entire procedure. The YUMI™ Lift and Fix products are not applied directly to the skin. The product is formaldehyde free and does not contain parabens or harsh ingredients. All YUMI™ products are individually packaged for one time use only and we sterilize and sanitize our tools after each use to ensure the highest standard of hygienic control. All Master trained YUMI™ technicians are required to work within the guidelines and standards of Canada.

How should I expect to feel after the YUMI™ Lash Lift treatment?

Like a million bucks! During your YUMI™ Lash Lift, products are applied only to the sculpted lashes and do not come into contact with the skin or inner eye area, limiting the amount of irritation. The lashes are delicately wiped during the 5-step procedure, which may cause mild redness that will disappear within 10-15 minutes of your treatment. Our goal is to have you feeling and looking more youthful and once the treatment is completed, so you can go about your day with your stunning new lashes.

How do I care for my lashes after my YUMI™ Lash Lift?

Aftercare for YUMI™ is easy. There’s just one rule: do not wash or wet your lashes for 48 hours after receiving the treatment. The product requires 48 hours to reach its maximum lifting potential. During the 48-hour period please avoid the use of eye makeup, saunas, swimming, steam rooms, cutting onions, tears etc. Moisture to the lashes will weaken the YUMI™ product. Day to day care of your YUMI™ Lash Lift is easy! Feel free to wash your face and lashes as usual after the initial 48 hours!

I love my YUMI™ Lash Lift! When can I book my next one?

The lift lasts 6-12 weeks, which is the natural life cycle of an eyelash. Our YUMI™ technicians can suggest when to schedule your next lash lift.

Who shouldn’t have a YUMI™ Lash Lift?

Your health and well being are of the utmost importance and not everyone is eligible for a YUMI™ Lash Lift. We don’t recommend this treatment for those who:
- are prone to any form of eye disease
- have mild to severe allergies
- are under the age of 16 (parental consent is required)
- suffer from chronic back or neck pain and cannot lay still for 60-90 minutes
- are unable to keep their eyes closed for long periods of time
- expectant mothers

Is Yumi eyelashes actually eyelash perm? Not at all. The eyelash perm products are ammonia based which can damage your natural lashes.

While it’s perfectly safe, we don’t recommend booking a lash lift during that time of the month as it can diminish the curling effect of the treatment.