Ten interesting facts about eyelashes that you should know:

  1. Gorgeous, long and full eyelashes can remarkably enhance the beauty of your eyes.
  2. Normally, the structure and arrangement of your natural lash line is not regular – it is shorter on the sides and longer in areas close to the center.
  3. On an average, 1 to 5 lashes fall down every day. New lashes grow frequently and replace the lost ones to maintain the complete thick look. So your lashes never get damaged by lash extensions.
  4. The lifespan of a single eyelash ranges out between 60 to 200 days with the majority of them being shed in about 140 days.
  5. The number of eyelashes on each lid range widely as the top eyelid usually accommodates approximately 70 to 150 individual hairs, while the bottom eyelid may have somewhere between 30 and 100 hairs.
  6. Natural eyelashes always grow to a limited length, but it differ for every person.
  7. A healthy lifestyle will result in faster growth of your eyelashes.
  8.  The speed of growth is also impacted by the age of the individual. You will lose more eyelashes as you get older and it will also take longer to grow back. All in all, an eyelash takes approximately 12 weeks to re-grow after it has fallen out.
  9. Hair protects any area that it covers, including eyelashes from anything that might cause the body harm. For instance, sunlight bounces off the hair of the eyelashes to protect the eyes. Eyelashes also protect the eyes from pollen duct and other harmful foreign particles.
  10. 3 periods of Eyelash growing – There’s the anagen phase (active growth period), the catagen phase (transitional period), and the telogen phase (resting period). And at any given time, 90% of your lashes are in the active growth stage where they grow about 0.16 millimeters a day.

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